Conveniently located in Merriville, Indiana, efficiency and organization are at the heart of our operations, enabling rapid enrollment and swift startup while upholding the highest quality of source data.

Spanning over 4000 sqft, the dedicated facility is an integral part of a multi-specialty practice that serves more than 20,000 patients. With a research database of over 30,000 potential candidates, the clinic stands as a leading choice for clinical trials.

The facility is equipped with five dedicated research exam rooms, a CLIA certified lab, monitoring quarters, FDA secured IP storage, and accommodations for 24-hour and overnight visits. The experienced research staff, boasting a combined experience of over 25 years in conducting Phase I-IV clinical studies, is supported by a full-time, proficient recruitment and marketing team with a dedicated 24-hour call center.

Wide Research Experience

Allergy Cardiology Respiratory
Dermatology Womens's Health Rheumatology
Endocrinology Ophthalmology Pain Gastroenterology
Vaccine Weight Loss Men's Health Sleep disorder

Efficient Recruitment

A database of over 25,000 subjects with 15+ dedicated referral practices Proven ability to outperform national central recruitment campaigns Extensive physician referral network 24/7 call center for handling large volume advertising campaigns

Successful track record in social media and online digital campaigns Email and text messaging marketing campaigns Strong local domain experience in leveraging traditional media Community outreach service providing complementary BP, Cholesterol, Glucose, and A1c testing campaigns

Exceptional Patient Care

Complementary meal services
snacks, and entertainment

Stipend payment system via debit cards Transportation service for pick-up and drop-off

Complementary Wi-Fi service with access to iPads

SMS text message appointment reminders and confirmations Flexible scheduling to accommodate patients and adhere to protocol

Professional Equipment

Onsite pharmacy and radiology.
Fully equipped and CLIA certified lab.

Dedicated research facility with 5 exam rooms.

Site equipment includes: Refrigerated centrifuge, -20 and -70 degree freezers, Atomic clocks in each exam room and IP mixing areas.

Extensive equipment calibration using best-in class calibration service.

24hr security and video surveillance for overnight and PK extended visits.

Dedicated monitoring room with access to Wi-Fi internet and copy/fax services.

FDA secured/temperature controlled IP storage room with DEA class II IP storage.